03.17.2016 - 04.16.2016

Eugenia Alcaide

From the simple idea of visible expressions to abstractions, and from abstractions to concrete lines, the connections are fluid, sinuous, in the work of Eugenia Alcaide. With each stroke, finesse and subliminal transition merge into new dimensions, with paradoxes of vistas in every frame presented.

PILGRIM. A journey of a soul entwined into the ravine of unknown territories. Intricate and delicate. Mysterious to a fault. A veiled secrecy, painstakingly executed in an unbelievable medium: LACE. Yes, the finery of lace. The symbol of opulence, glamour and utmost elegance; but the Lace here speaks a different language. Softness and delicacy are intermeshed with the rugged, mundane network of WIRES. Her works are the marriage of two diverse and very different worlds of expressions. How Eugenia succinctly intertwines the two is her total enigma alone. How she lets lace and wire take form, a slow dance capturing the lucid souls trapped in a bizarre maze of bewilderment, grief, and anguish, evokes the yielding harshness of pain, sorrow… and brokenness.

Wrought by her delicate hands, her power to create unwritten emotions, overflowing emotions that evoke much pathos is the summum bonum of the artist. A wonder to behold, wordless in its eloquence to move the audience. LACE and WIRES begin to speak.
Stirring the delicate and hardness in us
A pilgrim
Bizarre, surreal, out-of-the box,


Treading on the threads of her artistic pursuits, not just merely an artist who connects the dots of the mundane. Eugenia ventures to the very heart of her own being, occult, climaxing in the shattered, broken, and crushed lace of our souls. Delicate souls that find solace in LACE, mended by WIRES, allowing brokenness to be wrought into the new  and unheard.

The images evoke much emotional turbulence. Each journey is painful and sorrowful. Yet, STRENGTH and FORTITUDE of Spirit is visibly manifested. Like the mythical PHOENIX, rising from the ashes. A rebirthing of the soul.

LACE meets WIRE. WIRE meets LACE. A reflection of subtle surrender. They speak languages inaudibly. Works beyond the ordinary. The world of broken dreams and survivorship. How a woman finds freedom. The beauty of harshness, grief, and sorrow are what makes her strong and fortified. A citadel of great strength. Wrought by ugly occurrences, yet, there is beauty lying underneath. A new philosophy is born. Marry the delicate lace with the brash wires. The effects will be a gallery of splendid discovery.

words by Edith N. Legaspi

They call me conceptual but I’m just an esoteric loser
03.17.2016 - 04.16.2016

Timo Roter

" I can't cut off an ear everyday. Do the Van Gogh here and the Mozart there. Anyway it's exhausting enough always having to check up on what one is really doing!."  

- Martin Kippenberger

Mending Wall
03.17.2016 - 04.16.2016

Lubin Nepomuceno

"Something there is that doesn't love a wall" is the first line of Robert Frost's poem, Mending Wall. The poem illustrates how a wall keeps relationships between the two neighbours in good condition. Painting can be like good neighbours. Good paintings make great neighbours. When a painting speaks it has stories to tell, but one thing is certain, a painting will always love a wall.


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