02.19.2015 - 03.21.2015

Eugenia Alcaide

To weave is the act of composing a connected whole by combining various elements or details. Weaver is the master at which these elements are contrived. 

The artist, Eugenia Alcaide with her display of threadwork revolves around the concept of intertwining single lines of thread into directed vectors from a multitude of angles and coordinates to then shade the fabric she envisioned. Her portrayal of herself not based on physiognomy but rather the tool she values most that acts as the vestibule for her imagination into tangibility, her HANDS.

New Horizons
02.19.2015 - 03.21.2015

Alvin Zafra

Manila is a city with no apparent master plan. The bicycle is the perfect vehicle to get around and fathom the city's random order and hidden labyrinths. In 'New Horizons', Alvin Zafra explores two different cities and their architectures. While riding a bicycle, his main mode and preferred means of transportation, he took pictures of buildings and structures that made him stop and think about the world eventually turning into dust. Some of the pictures were taken in the National Capital Region of the Philippines while others were taken while cycling in Hanover, an industrial city in northwestern Germany and the capital of Lower Saxony. The drawings presented in this exhibit are based on photographs from his bicycle travels.

Zafra's process of transferring the image from the photograph onto sandpaper using white stones is a meditation on the impermanence of structures and the cycle of civilizations. Buildings, roads and monuments shape everyday living and impose on our way of thinking but they are not indestructible. While cities persist and construct the reality that we know, they were once nonexistent and were contained only in the imagination.

Le Corbusier, one of the pioneer architects and visionaries of the modern city we recognize today replicated throughout the globe, once said of architecture that it is "a learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light." Drawing on black sandpaper with a stone requires doing the opposite. Instead of shading the areas that are darker, the shading is done to the areas that are lighter. In this practice of reversal, Zafra voyages into the opposite of physical existence, undoing reality to clear the line where the world meets the sky.
by Masi Solano

Watching The Grass Grow
02.19.2015 - 03.21.2015

Maya Muñoz

watching the grass grow
rain falls
sky shifts


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